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NewsNHTSA: Another Inquiry on Tesla “Fantom Braking”

NHTSA: Another Inquiry on Tesla “Fantom Braking”

Tesla is under investigation by the NHTSA yet again, this time due to reports of unintended braking while using Autopilot

Weeks look more and more alike for Tesla, the pure electric car company that is the subject of a new safety investigation launched by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the United States.

This time, the investigation affects owners of the Model 3 and Model Y of the 2021 and 2022 model years, the vehicles equipped with the advanced driving assistance system – also known as Autopilot – can brake at any time without warning.

The U.S. agency said it has received as many as 354 complaints from owners over the past nine months. The safety investigation launched by the NHTSA would affect about 416,000 units of the American brand’s two models.

According to a report gathered by Automotive News and Reuters, a 2021 Tesla Model Y driver encountered the sudden and unexpected braking problem last October while his vehicle was traveling at a rate of 80 miles per hour (129 km/h). The vehicle braked without warning and slowed to 69 mph (111 km/h) in less than a second, whipping the driver’s head around and causing him to claim he almost lost control of his vehicle.

This latest investigation comes on the heels of a series of proceedings launched by the NHTSA regarding the brand’s vehicles. Indeed, no less than six investigations have been formalized since December 2021, including for the sound generated by the car at low speed or the windshield defrosting troubles or even the one on the driving aid that could even force the vehicle to come to a complete stop.

In short, everything indicates that the American authorities have decided to be tougher on Tesla, the manufacturer that dominates the electric car market, but that is still struggling with quality problems.


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