Thursday, July 29, 2021
News Nissan 400Z Just Called Z, Says Source, Along With Loads of New...

Nissan 400Z Just Called Z, Says Source, Along With Loads of New Details

Get your Z on

  • Loads of details from a poster who claims insider knowledge

  • Expect new Zed car to offer serious performance, go Supra hunting

A new rumour says that the Nissan 400Z will just be called the Z, and the same story comes with a new MRSP, loads more details including the curb weight, and even a little bit about the features. What’s the catch? Well, it’s all from a poster who claims to have a lot of family in Tennessee (where Nissan‘s US HQ lives), so while it passes the sniff test you should probably take it with a grain of salt large enough to de-ice the Greater Toronto Area.

The post was made to the 400Z Club forum by user Houston.Z35 (a nod to the new car’s chassis code) who says he is getting the info from relatives near Nissan’s TN offices, with the implication that it is insider news.

The poster said that the new car will remain Fairlady Z in Japan, as it’s been called for generations, but will drop the numeric part of the moniker to become the Nissan Z in other markets including ours. That seems a logical choice as it takes away the difficulty of giving the new car either a larger number that doesn’t match its displacement or giving the new car a smaller numbered name than before.

According to the report, the car will start from $34,995 in the US, nearly $5,000 more than the 370Z. It says the car will be offered in Base, Type S, Type T, and Type ST, with S getting brake and handling upgrades, T getting comfort upgrades, and ST with both.

It says all of the cars will get the 400 hp VR40DDTT 3.0L twin-turbo V6, a digital dash, and a rear duckbill spoiler, with a starting dry weight of 3,252 lbs, which is a bit over the 3,232 lbs the 370Z weighs wet. A six-speed stick carries over, while the auto is called a Mercedes-Benz 9G-Tronic nine-speed. If that seems odd, that transmission is already built by Nissan spinoff Jatco, badged JR913E, and is the transmission used in the latest Nissan Titan.

Lastly, the source says that a Nismo version will come later, but “it won’t just be a body kit, exhaust, tune and some badges this time.” Which could mean anything, but certainly caught our attention.

How close is all of this? We’ll find out soon enough since the poster said that there are US-spec cars already here for presentation to dealers and journalists.



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