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Features Nissan Blainville Latest Dealership to Join HGregoire Group

Nissan Blainville Latest Dealership to Join HGregoire Group

Article presented by Nissan Blainville

One of the most important and significant dealership groups in Canada has made another acquisition. HGregoire announced recently the acquisition of Nissan Blainville making it the 28th dealership to join the group founded in 1993.

What started as a group specializing in pre-owned vehicles has blossomed into a network of used vehicle superstores and new vehicle dealerships including four on the North Shore of Montreal. The dealership network also includes retailers south of the border in the United States. Nissan Blainville officially opened this summer and aims to bring the unique approach focused on value and service that permeates every dealership in the group.

We sat down with Harry Kasparian, Chief Marketing Officer for the group to take a closer look at the latest HGregoire franchise.

Question: Tell us a bit about your philosophy and most importantly, how do you intend to differentiate Nissan Blainville from many other Nissan dealers (but also other brands) on the North Shore of Montreal and the Laurentians. In other words, what is your mission and how are you going to stand out?

Answer: We want to stand out by offering the best service to all our customers. The customer experience is the foundation of HGregoire’s offer. We put a lot of efforts into providing a redefined experience to our customers in Blainville and surrounding areas. Our team is trained and knows how to listen to the needs of customers.

Another advantage of the HGregoire group is the fact that we are able to offer customers better value for their trade-in. Often, we provide market value or more. We understand that price is an important factor when choosing a vehicle, so we want to facilitate the buying process for our customers by always offering the best price.

Q. What is a good customer experience for you? This question touches somewhat on the previous one, but on a more personal level. What would be a great experience for a customer who buys a vehicle or has a vehicle maintained by HGregoire?

A. As we just mentioned, the customer experience is the strength of the HGregoire group. First, none of our sales representatives working within the group are paid by commission. This ensures that customers won’t be pushed into a sale because the sales rep wants to bank the commissions. Having a sales team that is not on commission also provides a service that is educational and informational. Our sellers do not put pressure on buyers, they are here to provide answers and expertise.

As customer satisfaction is very important, we want our customers to feel confident with our sales or service team. We also offer all our customers a 30-day exchange policy or a 3-day satisfaction guarantee policy, which is a great added value for all our customers who might change their mind after buying their car.

In addition, it is important for us to simplify the process of buying a vehicle and make it more accessible. For example, thanks to our evaluation center, customers who wish to trade in their vehicle can receive a price in less than 10 minutes! This price is calculated via a department that uses artificial intelligence to give the best price to the customer. In addition, this offer remains valid for 7 days.

Finally, we are proud to be able to offer our customers the widest choice of vehicles in inventory in Quebec.

All of these features are part of what make the group and its latest dealership, Nissan Blainville, stand out.

Q. The electric car is gaining more and more place in the news. Nissan offers the Nissan LEAF which pioneered the electric vehicle segment in Canada. What do you think of the appeal of the electric car today, the recent Government of Canada iZEV rebates, and have you put in place a department or procedures to help consumers better understand electric cars and see if they meet their needs?

A. We appreciate that the government has put in place procedures to encourage people to opt for electric vehicles. Consumers are sometimes reluctant to change so it is necessary to have this type of initiative to change consumer behavior. It is then the duty of our advisors to educate the customer about electric vehicles, their benefits but also their differences with traditional gasoline cars. The LEAF is certainly an important model for us at Nissan Blainville and we welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about electric vehicles and their technology. We will have trained experts on site that provide all the necessary information in a no-pressure environment where you can decide if they are the right type of vehicle for you.

To learn more, contact Nissan Blainville or book an appointment to check out the latest dealership to join the HGregoire family!

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