Tuesday, March 21, 2023
News Nissan Brings Max-Out Digital Concept to Life

Nissan Brings Max-Out Digital Concept to Life

Will Nissan build this EV roadster?

  • The virtual concept is now a steel one. Still not in production

  • The EV Roadster is meant to bring attention to Nissan’s future plans event

Nissan is getting ready for an event that will showcase its plans and how the company plans to address sustainability. To get us ready for the Nissan Futures event, it has revealed an in the metal version of what was previously a purely digital concept car. The Nissan Max-Out EV.

We first saw the Max-Out in 2021, when Nissan announced its $17.6B US electrification strategy. Now it will be a real physical concept car instead of renderings, and it has us wondering if they might actually build it.

Max-Out is a low-slung two-seat sports car. There are no shades of Z in the styling, though, this is entirely something new. It’s a very futuristic look (or at least a 1980s vision of the future) and it is ultra cool.

The question is, though, how likely is Nissan to build it? The comapny’s motorsports boss has already said the automaker is working on a new sports car for North America. Could this be it? An all-electric sports car that competes with the likes of Mazda’s MX-5?

Nissan says the exercise “displays Nissan’s innovation to develop a diverse range of advanced and striking vehicles, with a clear vision of how they can benefit both individuals and society.” But, well, you need to make it for us individuals to benefit. Please.

The event will also have panel discussions on vehicle to everything communication and battery resue as well as other topics. But it’s the Max-Out that has us the most excited.

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