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Nissan Could Rescue Fisker by Investing Over $400 Million in its Electric Truck Program

Nissan could build the Fisker Alaska electric pickup, along with a version sold under its own brand.

  • Fisker said yesterday that it might not survive the next 12 months on its own.

  • A deal between Fisker and Nissan could be finalized later this month.

  • Nissan would reportedly build the Fisker Alaska pickup, alongside its own version.

Fisker is in deep financial trouble, but it seems Nissan might come to its rescue by investing massively into the Alaska electric pickup.

Indeed, the small EV maker said yesterday that it would likely not survive the next twelve months on its own, but it also said that talks with a major automaker were underway.

We now know that this potential partner is Nissan, which seems very interested in the future Alaska electric pickup that was unveiled last August.

According to Reuters, Nissan will invest over $400 million into Fisker’s truck program in order to help complete its development, before creating its own branded version.

Fisker Alaska | Photo: Fisker

The Japanese automaker will reportedly also manufacture the Alaska and its Nissan twin in one of its two American factories, either in Tennessee or in Mississippi, which could allow them to qualify for federal tax incentives in the U.S., depending on their price.

The fact that another automaker will build the Alaska is no surprise since Fisker doesn’t have its own assembly plant, but it is interesting to see Nissan take up the offer, possibly because it is trying to make up for its lack of a diversified electric model lineup.

While these talks have not yet been officialized and the production of the Alaska pickup is only expected to start in 2026, Fisker’s share price began to rise almost immediately after the possible tie-up with Nissan was first reported.

This is good news for the small automaker since its shares were down 43% earlier in the morning, giving it a market value of only around $222 million. As a reference, Lucid Motors and Rivian, two similar EV start-up companies, are valued at around $10 billion each.

Neither Fisker nor Nissan have commented on this subject at the moment, so we will have to wait for further details.

Source: Automotive News


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