Wednesday, December 7, 2022
News Nissan Has Closed the Order Books for the 2023 Ariya in the...

Nissan Has Closed the Order Books for the 2023 Ariya in the US

Nissan has now stopped taking orders for the Ariya in the US.

  • Production is affected by supply issues

  • This is to prevent long waiting lists

  • The automaker hasn’t said when it expects to resume taking orders

Nissan has now instructed its dealers in the United States to stop taking new orders for the Ariya, its latest electric vehicle.

The automaker says this is to prevent long waiting times that can stretch many months and to make sure that every customer who currently holds a reservation receives their new Ariya fairly soon.

To achieve this, Nissan had to stop taking more orders since it can’t increase the production of the electric SUV due to supply issues that are limiting the output of the« factory where it is produced, North of Tokyo.

In addition, the travel restrictions set up in response to the pandemic have reportedly also messed with the production since the suppliers outside of Japan were not able to visit the factory in order to install the manufacturing equipment soon enough to fit in the original schedule.

According to the company, the Ariya is proving popular in Japan, North America and Europe, its three largest markets, which is also likely to cause delays. In a recent report Nissan says it has received 6,800 pre-orders in Japan, where is has now delivered around 1,500 units of the Ariya since sales began earlier this month.

The number of orders for the United States has not been revealed, but rumours says that the automaker plans to deliver around 6,000 vehicles to the country this year.

Nissan has not said when to expect the order books to open again for the Ariya, but it would not be surprising if the next batch of units up for grabs are 2024 model year vehicles.

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