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News Nissan is Working on a New Platform of the R36 GT-R

Nissan is Working on a New Platform of the R36 GT-R

The next Nissan GT-R will receive a new platform, which could support a hybrid powertrain.

  • The next generation of the GT-R could get a hybrid powertrain, depending on market needs.

  • This model will use an entirely new platform, unlike the current generation of the Nissan Z.

  • The styling of the R36 could be inspired by older GT-R models.

Nissan has been working on the next generation of the GT-R for a while now, releasing details about the upcoming supercar from time to time.

Recently, the company confirmed that the R36 GT-R will benefit from an entirely new platform, which could support a hybrid powertrain.

Nissan has not yet committed to electrifying the next GT-R, but it says this option is still on the table, depending on what customers want.

According to the automaker, such a hybrid powertrain could be used to increase the car’s performance if customers demand more power than is possible from the gasoline engine.

Speaking of which, this engine is likely to remain a twin-turbocharged V6, but it might not be the same 3,8L unit that generates up to 600 horsepower in the current R35 GT-R.

Future emissions regulations could also play a part in Nissan’s decision to electrify or not the powertrain of the GT-R, especially since the next model could be on the market for many years judging by the current version, which was launched all the way back in 2009.

In addition to talking about the powertrain, the company also gave some hints about the design direction of the R36 GT-R, which could be inspired by prior generations of the sports car.

Indeed, the automaker’s chief of design said that this model will be easily recognizable as a GT-R and he qualified it as a «brick», which could mean a resemblance to earlier GT-Rs of the 90s.

This approach is the same that was used by Nissan on the new generation of the Z, which now bears a strong resemblance to the original Z car from the 70s.

Nissan still hasn’t announced a release date for the next GT-R so it could be a few more years still before the current model is retired, despite already being 14 years old now.

Source: Autocar

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