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Nissan Lays Out Plan for 30 New Models, Hybrid Tech for North America

Nissan announces big plans for next three years

  • Nissan’s plans for the next three years are huge

  • Expect seven new models in North America

Nissan has just announced a big product update move. The automaker is bringing seven all-new models to the U.S. and Canada in the next two years, refreshing almost 78 percent of its fleet, and bringing hybrid tech here for the first time since Toyota built it a hybrid Altima.

CEO Makoto Uchida announced the new three-year Nissan roadmap earlier today. The company’s goal is to boost its sales volumes globally by an ambitious one million units, deploy next-gen EV batteries, and reach cost parity with gas models by the end of the decade.

Nissan calls the new business plan The Arc. It sort of goes between two of the company’s other business plans, Next and Ambition 2030.

The Japanese automaker plans 30 new models worldwide in the next three years. 16 of those will be electrified, and 14 will be internal combustion only. By 2030, Nissan plans to launch 34 electrified models and for electrified models to hit 40 percent of its sales by 2025 and 60 percent by 2030.

In North America, Nissan will launch seven all-new models and will bring its e-Power brand and PHEV models to market. Nissan has not sold a plug-in hybrid in North America before and has not sold a conventional hybrid since model year 2011.

E-power is Nissan’s own hybrid system. The gas engine is used only to produce electricity, and never drives the wheels directly. Using the gas engine as a generator has the potential to be more efficient than conventional hybrid models, but comes with complexities of its own. Nissan offers the Rogue and Qashqai with e-Power in other global markets.

Nissan will also work to reduce EV costs. It will start by developing its EVs in “families,” including shared powertrains and modular manufacturing. It expects those moves to cut development costs for subsequent models by 50 percent and reduce parts variation by 70 percent.

The company will also launch enhanced battery chemistries, which it says promise quick-charging times cut by 50 percent and energy density up 50 percent compared with the Ariya. Solid state batteries will launch in 2028.

“Under this comprehensive plan we will enhance Nissan’s competitiveness and achieve sustainable profitability,” said Uchida. “Nissan is confident that it has what it takes to properly execute this plan, which will provide us with the firm foundation we need to bridge to our Nissan Ambition 2030 vision.”



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