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News Nissan Pushes Back Launch of Two New U.S.-Made EVs by a Year

Nissan Pushes Back Launch of Two New U.S.-Made EVs by a Year

Nissan and Infiniti will have to wait until late 2026 or early 2027 for their upcoming electric sedans.

  • These two models should be electric sedans.

  • One will be a Nissan, the other will be an Infiniti.

  • This delay could be due to concerns about the profitability of electric vehicles on the North American market.

Nissan has delayed the introduction of two upcoming electric sedans once again, now aiming for launch dates of 2026 and 2027 instead of 2025.

These two upcoming electric sedans, which will be built in Canton, Mississippi, are currently codenamed LZ1F and LZ1E. The first of these two will be sold by Nissan with production starting in November 2026, while the second will be marketed by Infiniti after having entered production in April 2027, according to a memo obtained by Automotive News.

A source told the publication that Nissan has delayed these two models, for the third time now, due to concerns about the demand for electric sedans and the profitability of EVs in general on the U.S. market.

Indeed, while sales of electric vehicles have reached a record 1.2 million units in 2023, automakers and analysts say that the segment is not growing as quickly as they had previously expected, which makes investing large sums into the development of new electric models riskier.

In addition, EV inventories across the United States increased 92% last year, with a 113-day supply of electric vehicles sitting in dealer lots at the end of 2023 compared to just 69 days of inventory on average for combustion-powered vehicles.

This can in part be explained by an increase in production rates over 2022, when most automakers were still feeling the effects of the pandemic, but it is also indicative of a reduction in customer demand.

Nissan currently only has the aging Leaf and the Ariya to offer to customers who want an electric vehicle, and the Ariya doesn’t qualify for federal incentives in the United States since it is manufactured in Japan. Infiniti doesn’t have any electric or even hybrid vehicles in its lineup for 2024.

By delaying the introduction of these two electric sedans, which could be EV replacements for the current Nissan Maxima and Infiniti Q50, the automaker hopes to be more in line with its main competitors, but it runs the risk of being even more late to the EV game than it already is.

Nevertheless, the automaker says it still believes in an electric future and it remains committed to introducing new affordable EVs and models powered by solid-state batteries.

Source: Automotive News

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