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NewsNissan Readying MS Plant for Four New EVs

Nissan Readying MS Plant for Four New EVs

Titan line to become EV hub

  • Nissan’s Canton plant will be the company’s NA EV hub

  • Production expected to start in 2026

Nissan is getting ready for more EVs by preparing its Mississippi assembly plant. The automaker will build four new EVs at the plant starting in 2026, says a new report.

The automaker has been building vehicles in Canton, Mississippi since 20023. Back then it was Quest minivan and today it is the Nissan Titan full-size and Frontier mid-size pickups. Building those trucks, the plant is operating at around half of its intended annual capacity.

Automotive News reports that the automaker will be spending half a billion to turn the plant into its electric vehicle hub for North America. “That’s where we’re going to bring in the new platforms, the new Technology,” the company’s head of production told AN.

Supplier schedules are reported to say that two electric sedans will enter production in 2026. Based on the same schedules, one electric crossover will enter production in 2027 and another in 2028.

Production trials at the plant are set to start in late 2025 or early 2026. While that’s a long time from now, it’s not much in terms of production, engineering, and plant equipment installation.

Nissan will also be using the time, AN reports, to increase automation, to reduce energy consumption at the plant, and to begin to retrain the 2,000 workers at the plant who will be affected by the new vehicles and other changes.




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