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NewsNissan Returns to Japanese Super GT With Widebody Big-Wing Z Car

Nissan Returns to Japanese Super GT With Widebody Big-Wing Z Car

Zed's back in top-tier Japanese racing

  • Z will replace GT-R in Super GT series

  • Nissan has been racing Z-cars since the start of the model

An ultra-widebody new Nissan Z? That’s exactly what you’re looking for, it’s the all-new Nissan Z GT500 race car that’s ready to tear up the Japanese Super GT Series starting next year.

Nissan said that part of its turnaro0und plan is “transforming its business to provide superior brand value.” We’re not sure how, exactly, but Nissan says that this Super GT Zed is meant to do just that. Nissan has been racing Z-cars since the early 1970s, piling up wins in SCCA C Production, IMSA Series, and JGTC racing, and after an absence from top-tier racing, the zed is back.

Nissan’s Z GT500 will replace the GT-R that hasn’t won a title in the series since 2015. “We are entering the 2022 Super GT series with our all-new Nissan Z GT500 car and our huge passion for motorsports. We hope that our fans will continue to passionately support the Nissan and NISMO motorsport teams,” said President and CEO Takao Katagiri.

No specs were revealed for the new car, but it is very carbon-heavy in design. We do know that GT500 class cars are all powered by 2.0L four-cylinder engines that use a standard turbocharger. The cars make in excess of 650 hp and drive the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential box.


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