Monday, October 3, 2022
News Nissan Shows Off Ariya's Underbelly

Nissan Shows Off Ariya’s Underbelly

Nissan's EV platform will be widely used

  • Nissan digs into new EV platform

  • 15 EVs will use this chassis by 2030

Nissan‘s next generation of electric vehicles will ride on a magic flying carpet. That’s what the company is calling the CMF-EV platform that will underpin the Nissan Ariya as well as 14 more electric vehicles by 2030.

“The CMF-EV platform is a marvel of creative engineering; from providing exceptional living-room-style space – longer cabin length to vehicle length – to accommodating our state-of-the-art e-4ORCE drivetrain technology, its versatility gives us the ability to push the boundaries of engineering and design capabilities,” said Pierre Loing, Vice President, Product Planning, Nissan.

As a dedicated EV platform, it starts with a flat open floor concept. Spaces were set out for the electric motors adjacent to the axles, and an ultra-slim battery pack layout was chosen to create a structural support for the whole thing.

It allows for new freedoms in placing components when compared to a gas vehicle. Nissan gives the example of being able to put the AC unit further forward for more cabin space. Those changes, combined with others like the lack of a center tunnel, give CMF-EV vehicles more cabin space for passengers. Nissan calls it a “lounge-like” experience.

Electrifying the all-wheel drive system also pays dividends, Nissan said. While the new architecture can handle single-motor as well as dual-motor setups, it’s the latter’s e-4orce configuration the brand is highlighting.

The instantaneous response of electric motors lets the system respond more quickly. Cutting, adding, and moving power far more quickly than any conventional system can adapt, Nissan says it will offer better driver confidence on more road surfaces. Nissan can also use the system to optimize braking balance to reduce dive under braking and keep the chassis flatter.

Nissan’s first Ariya deliveries start this fall when front-drive models arrive. AWD cars will show up in late fall.


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