Friday, September 24, 2021
News Nissan Will Leave the North American Van Segments

Nissan Will Leave the North American Van Segments

A decade after their introduction, Nissan pulls the plug on its NV vans for good.

  • This move is part of Nissan’s big plans to get back on track.

  • Nissan NV sales were improving but were still leagues behind Ford and GM.

  • Meanwhile, Ford and GM are planning to tackle the electric van segments.

When Nissan put its foot in the passenger and commercial van segments in North America, Ford and GM owned no less than 97% of the market. From 2011 on, Nissan managed to secure an 8% piece of the pie, or more or less the equivalent of Mercedes-Benz slice with a far more expensive product. As part of its corporate makeover, Nissan will cancel the NV.

Nissan NV3500 HD | Photo: Nissan

The large and commercial van segments can be extremely lucrative. This explains why Nissan wanted in a decade ago. Its advantage at the time was being based on the Titan pickup enabling the NV to haul huge loads. The downside was its relative size even in regular trims compared to the Ford and GM offerings. The van’s early popularity enticed many dealers to invest in new equipment and specialized staff – most of which will no longer be needed…

Nissan 2023 Strategy Unveiled: 12 New Models in the Next 18 Months

As stated, there’s money to be made in this segment, and GM and Ford intend on maintaining their huge leads. This is why they are working on fully-electric iterations to further corner the market. Likely, this was another reason, according to Automotive News,  for Nissan to “unofficially” leave the category and eventually idle its Canton, Miss., plant where the large vans are assembled. The compact NV200 small vans, a popular NYC taxi, are built in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

GM Will Build An Electric Van For Small Businesses

Nissan NV family | Photo: Nissan

Nissan NV200 | Photo: Nissan

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