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NewsNissan Will Likely Make Nismo-Badged EVs

Nissan Will Likely Make Nismo-Badged EVs

Nissan almost confirmed that Nismo branded electric performance vehicles are on the way.

  • Nismo is the brand’s performance division

  • Since the automotive industry is moving towards electric vehicles, performance-badged EVs are inevitable

  • The brand’s Chairman of Europe confirmed electric Nismo models are coming

In a recent interview, the Chairman of Europe for Nissan pretty much confirmed that the automaker will sell performance EVs with the Nismo badge.

Since the 80s, Nismo has been the performance division at Nissan which created some of its most successful race and rally cars.

The Nismo badge has also appeared on a number of high-performance versions of the GTR and 370Z.

With the move towards electrification, the Nismo badge will have to be applied to electric cars in order to survive and this is what the brand wants to do.

According to the executive, the brand doesn’t want to rush a new Nismo model and then have it disappoint enthusiasts by being little more than an appearance package.

Indeed, Nissan doesn’t want to dilute the name’s importance, so it will have to engineer the models wearing this badge in order to deliver the level of performance it represents.

Since Nissan only has one new electric model in its lineup, the Ariya, it seems likely that this SUV will be the first to receive the Nismo treatment. The executive seemed to hint at that when he said that the Ariya already has a powerful drivetrain, but it would need even more power and a bespoke suspension setup before it could get the Nismo badge.

Of course, many other models could also have their own Nismo version since Nissan wants to add 15 new electric vehicles to its lineup by the end of this decade and a few of them are bound to be a little more performance oriented.


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