Thursday, February 22, 2024
News Nissan working on an SUV version of its Leaf; Juke and Qashqai...

Nissan working on an SUV version of its Leaf; Juke and Qashqai EVs to follow

  • Nissan would like to invest in its UK factory to produce new EVs.

  • Three electric crossovers are planed.

  • Meanwhile in North America, the Nissan Leaf is trailering behind the competition.


Nissan played a leading role in the electrification push in the automotive industry when it democratized the concept with its Leaf city car at the beginning of the previous decade. However, we must admit that the brand’s impact on the electric segment is not what it was when the compact Leaf revolutionized the automotive market back in 2010. Indeed, Nissan has been outdone by the competition, notably the Hyundai group and even GM and Ford, two American giants who have decided to go all in on EV technology.

Nissan Hyper Punk concept | Photo: Nissan

But Nissan is not to be counted out. The manufacturer launched the Ariya last year, which is helping the brand’s strategists to establish itself in the electric crossover category, but it is now preparing the next chapter in the story with no less than three vehicles that meet the fashionable criteria of being utility vehicles.

At least, that’s what Automotive News Europe has discovered from a source within Nissan. The Japanese automaker is currently working to accelerate its electric penetration on the European continent, where EVs are more successful than North America, thanks in part to more stringent deadlines for car brands.

For now, very few details are available, but Nissan is currently looking to modernize its British plant in Sunderland with a goal to produce three new EVs. The first of these three will be an upgraded and revised version of the Leaf, the vehicle due to be launched by the end of 2024 in Europe, according to the source.

Nissan Hyper Urban Concept | Photo: Nissan

Later, an electric version of the Juke, a vehicle no longer offered here, will enter the European market, followed by an electric variant of the Qashqai, another model shunned south of the border, but still available in Canada.

The idea with the Leaf crossover would be to differentiate it from the other two planned SUVs by a more aerodynamic design, in short, a style that could be inspired by the Chill-Out prototype unveiled in 2021. For the other two, we’re guessing that the most recent Hyper Punk and Hyper Urban concepts could provide the backdrop for the electron-powered Juke and Qashqai.

In the light of these rumours, it’s fair to wonder whether Nissan will want to continue the Leaf adventure in North America, or even add another crossover between the Ariya and this more “robust” future Leaf to attract more consumers to the brand’s showrooms. Whatever happens, the automaker must update its local EV strategy, as the Ariya is not affordable for everyone, while the current Leaf is trailing behind more recent models from competitors.

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