Thursday, September 21, 2023
News Nissan's Inaugural Grand Prix: A Triumph at Mirabel's Complexe ICAR

Nissan’s Inaugural Grand Prix: A Triumph at Mirabel’s Complexe ICAR

  • Simon Charbonneau dominated the first Nissan Grand Prix at Mirabel’s Complexe ICAR, exciting thousands.

  • Nissan’s event fused fan engagement, test drives, and thrilling races, fostering brand-customer connection.

In an exhilarating showcase of motoring prowess, the first Nissan Grand Prix unfolded at Mirabel’s Complexe ICAR during the Nissan Sentra Cup. Quebec’s Simon Charbonneau emerged as the weekend’s star, clinching victories in both races and setting new lap records while commanding pole positions.

The event was marked by a high level of engagement from spectators and Nissan owners alike. Several hundred enthusiasts, owners of vehicles ranging from vintage Datsuns to pristine 300ZXs and modified Jukes, were among the thousands of attendees that made this event a roaring success.

Among the crowd was actress Karine Vanasse, the Nissan brand ambassador for Quebec, reinforcing the company’s commitment to its local market. Attendees were not merely passive observers; they were given opportunities to engage with the brand intimately. Test drives of various Nissan models, including the Armada, Kicks, and the all-new ARIYA EV, were a significant draw.

The event also provided a rare opportunity for some lucky attendees. They won the chance to ride alongside professional drivers in the high-performance LEAF NISMO RC and the iconic Nissan Z, fostering a direct connection between the brand and its loyal fanbase.

Nissan Canada CEO, Steve Milette, commended the participants on the Grand Prix’s outstanding success. His remarks highlighted the remarkable combination of spectacular racing, fan engagement, and customer interaction. Milette stressed that such events help cement the connection between the Nissan Sentra Cup, its customers, and the cars they drive.

Grand Prix Nissan | Photo: Olivier Delorme

Grand Prix Nissan | Photo: Olivier Delorme

Grand Prix Nissan | Photo: Olivier Delorme

Grand Prix Nissan | Photo: Olivier Delorme

Grand Prix Nissan | Photo: Olivier Delorme

Grand Prix Nissan | Photo: Olivier Delorme

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