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News Nissan's Nismo Could Expand in NA With SUV, Crossover Models

Nissan’s Nismo Could Expand in NA With SUV, Crossover Models

Could Nismo trade sports cars for crossovers?

  • Nismo is Nissan’s motorsports brand and in-house tuner

  • Currently offers multiple models at home but only GT-R here

Nissan is interested in bringing more Nismo models to North America, though if you’re hoping for more sports cars to come, you might not be thinking along the same lines as the automaker.

The latest new Nismo model, Nissan’s in-house performance brand, is a version of the Note Aura compact hatchback for Japan. It won’t come here, but the brand’s next models could after the CEO of Nismo said the company is “having lots of discussions” about bringing more of them to the U.S.

“When we look at the U.S. market and what our competitors are doing there, I think there is a possibility [for Nismo] in the crossover and truck segments going forward,” Nismo CEO Takao Katagiri told Automotive News.

In Japan, Nismo badges a version of the Z, the Leaf EV, the March compact, and now the Note Aura, as well as the GT-R. Here, it’s only the GT-R that gets the badge, as the current Z is sold out and awaiting the new model.

“Nismo is a global brand. But when it comes to its actual business, Nismo heavily relies on Japan at the moment,” Katagiri said. “In overseas markets, the U.S. and Europe included, the so-called globalization of Nismo is something we are going to do from now on.”

Just four years ago, Nismo announced plans to increase from 15,000 models per year to 100,000. It’s not clear if they’ve approached that target, but Nismo versions of the Juke and Sentra have both gone unreplaced. Instead, future models could follow the mould of the Nissan Patrol Nismo SUV. Much like the Toyota GR Land Cruiser, it applies a body kit to the upright SUV as well as making some trim changes inside with the performance modifications more subtle.


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