Monday, September 27, 2021
News Nissan's Renting Toyotas to Sell Rogue Crossovers

Nissan’s Renting Toyotas to Sell Rogue Crossovers

Nissan will let you try its biggest competitor

  • The Pepsi Challenge with cars?

  • Shows confidence in all-new Rogue

Remember the Pepsi Challenge? Maybe not, but it was a massive campaign from Pepsi to have buyers blind-test their cola against the red-label one because they felt that Pepsi was better and that consumers would agree. Now Nissan‘s doing the same thing, but against the Toyota RAV4.

The Nissan Rogue is all-new and much more rugged and refined than ever before. But in the US, it’s outsold about 2:1 by the RAV4, sitting down the list as the fourth-best-selling crossover in America. Nissan is confident that it can do better, so, as Automotive News reports, the automaker will put its money where its mouth is.

By providing Toyotas to its dealers in the form of rental RAV4 models at no cost, Nissan will let shoppers try out the competition at the same time they try out Nissan’s own latest and greatest. Nissan, says the report, expects about half of its 1,074 dealers to take part.

It’s a risky move for Nissan, but it could pay off. First off, it can bring shoppers to the Nissan store instead of going to Toyota and Nissan, which, even if buyers prefer the RAV4, gives the chance for Nissan sales staff to work their numbers magic. Second, buyers may find out that they really do like the Rogue better than the RAV, which is sort of a default choice in the segment and not necessarily the best one for all.

Of course, it could backfire and show customers at a Nissan store that they like the Toyota better, and send them on their way. So maybe the used side of the Nissan store should pick up some extra RAV4s just in case, letting Nissan dealers win no matter the result.



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