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NewsNokian Tyres Unveils ELECTRIC FIT Symbol for EV Compatibility

Nokian Tyres Unveils ELECTRIC FIT Symbol for EV Compatibility

Guiding EV Owners: A Symbol for the Future of Driving

Amid the global surge in electric vehicle (EV) adoption, Nokian Tyres unveiled its ELECTRIC FIT symbol, a designation that assures drivers that the company’s premium tires are optimized for both electric and internal combustion engines. As a step forward in tire innovation, this label serves to help consumers identify the right fit for their EVs from the extensive Nokian Tyres range.

For over a decade, Nokian Tyres has dedicated its resources to designing and rigorously testing tires specifically for EVs. The reason behind this commitment is the unique demands that EVs place on tires. Given the additional battery weight and the high-torque power inherent to electric vehicles, these tires are designed to handle increased loads while delivering reliable performance under any condition. As Jukka Kasi, Senior Vice President of Products & Innovations at Nokian Tyres, remarks, “Our starting point is always to ensure safe driving, regardless of the car you drive.”

Nokian Tyres has a storied history of tire innovation, from the introduction of the world’s first winter tire in 1934 to the launch of the first winter tire specifically for EVs in 2014. Their dedication to evolving with automotive technology was further evidenced in 2012 when they set the record for the fastest speed on ice with an electric car, reaching a blistering 252.09 km/h.

Continuously staying ahead of automotive advancements, Nokian Tyres consistently updates its R&D test car portfolio. This ensures that as automotive technology evolves, Nokian’s tires are evolving in tandem. Kasi further adds, “Being the pioneers of the tire industry, we are accustomed to leading the way. Our dedication to safe driving remains unwavering, with winter conditions serving as our ultimate challenge.”

Highlighting the market transition, Kasi observes, “We are moving on from specifying electric cars as electric cars. In countries like Norway, where over 80% of new cars sold are electric, they are becoming the new standard.”

Looking to the future, Nokian Tyres remains dedicated to sustainability, emphasizing not just low rolling resistance and energy efficiency but also sustainable materials and production methods. By 2030, the company aims for 50% of all materials used in its products to be recycled or renewable. Their commitment to a greener future is also evident in the construction of the world’s first zero CO2 emission tire factory in Romania.

With the ELECTRIC FIT symbol, Nokian Tyres reinforces its commitment to delivering premium, EV-compatible products.


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