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NewsNon-Tesla EV Drivers Least Satisfied with Dealership Service Experience, J.D. Power Says

Non-Tesla EV Drivers Least Satisfied with Dealership Service Experience, J.D. Power Says

Satisfaction with dealership service departments is on the rise in 2024, but non-tesla EV drivers are still at the bottom.

  • Overall satisfaction with dealership service departments increases across the industry in 2024.

  • Appointment wait times are now longer for mass market brands, shorter for premium ones.

  • Lexus and Buick are the best-ranking brands for the premium and mass market segments, respectively.

J.D. Power released the 44th edition of its U.S. Customer Service Index Study (CSI) earlier today, highlighting issues with service for non-Tesla EV drivers.

This study uses several data points, such as service quality, service advisor, vehicle pickup, service facility, and service initiation, in order to measure the degree of satisfaction of drivers with their dealerships’ service department.

This year, the study looks at 2021 to 2023 model-year vehicles from mass-market and premium brands, divided into categories based on body styles.

The main trends that can be observed is that overall satisfaction across the industry is on the rise compared to 2023, but it is still behind numbers seen before the pandemic.

2024 U.S. Customer Service Index premium vehicles | Photo: J.D. Power

One of the reasons for this is that wait times before drivers can get an appointment at their dealer’s service centre have increased for mass-market models, going from 4.8 days in 2023 to 5.2 days now. Owners of premium vehicles have to wait even longer (5.4 days), but the situation is improving in their case.

These delays are apparently still caused by parts shortages that haven’t completely cleared up since the pandemic put a stop to the production of key electronic components.

As mentioned previously, drivers who have an electric vehicle from a company other than Tesla are the least satisfied with service at the dealer in the entire industry, mainly because they don’t trust the service department to have the necessary knowledge about EVs, and they also experience more than twice the number of recalls drivers of gasoline-powered vehicles receive.

On a brand-by-brand basis, Lexus is the winner in the premium segment with a score of 897 (out of 1,000), followed by Porsche (894) and Cadillac (883). The segment average is 866.

2024 U.S. Customer Service Index mass-market vehicles | Photo: J.D. Power

In the mass-market segment, Buick takes the crown with 887 points, followed by Mini (884) and Subaru (877). Segment average is 848.

Interestingly, satisfaction differs within the same brand between owners of cars, trucks and SUVs, which means that Porsche and Infiniti beat Lexus in the premium cars segment with scores of 902, 900, and 892, while the premium SUV ranking places the brands in the same order as the overall premium segment chart.

Similarly, mass-market cars see Mini (877), Subaru (874) and Mazda (867) drivers as the most satisfied, while mass-market SUVs and minivans place Buick on top (887), with Mitsubishi and Subaru tied for second (877).

Truck drivers are less satisfied overall, but Nissan takes the first place with 873 points, ahead of Chevrolet (856) and Toyota (855).

Some aspects the study has determined can help boost satisfaction are fewer appointment delays and the use of technology, as buyers who received pictures documenting the work done on their vehicle were more satisfied with their advisor by 31 points than those who didn’t.

Source: J.D. Power


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