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NewsNorway’s EV Success is a Problem

Norway’s EV Success is a Problem

Lots of EVs mean lower revenues for the Norwegian government

  • Back in March, 86.1% of all new cars registered in the country were EVs.

  • EV buyers get numerous privileges in the form of tax breaks and other rebates.

This is a fascinating situation, and more than likely, one that will be repeated in most if not all countries where electric vehicles are poised (forced or otherwise) to take over from ICE vehicles. Norway is facing declining revenues to invest in roadway infrastructures due to the extremely high EV take rate and the associated rebates.

2022 Volkswagen ID4, 2022 Hyundai IONIQ5, 2022 Kia EV6 | Photo: Olivier Delorme

Although EV registrations have fallen to 74.1% in April from Mach’s 86.1% figure, the number of new EVs sold in Norway is staggering. Numerous reasons explain why this is and one of them encompasses important financial privileges and advantages.

As reported by electrive, EV buyers need not pay a supplemental 25% tax that ICE shoppers face. What’s more, road tolls, parking fees, and other such charges are far lower for EV owners. These incentives have promoted to use of the car to get around, increasing road traffic.

The combined effects of fewer investments made in public transportation lowered revenue, and road congestion has pushed the Norwegian Ministry of Transport to reconsider the financial incentives for EV owners by either abolishing or reducing them.

It was Inevitable: Electrified Vehicle Owners to Pay Extra Taxes

A whole essay could be written on EV incentives and the actual cost involved in maintaining them. Only yesterday, we reported on the fact that more than 30 US States are or will be charging extra fees and taxes to electrified vehicle owners.


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