Sunday, September 26, 2021
News Novitec Starts New Spofec Brand to Tune Rolls-Royce Ghost

Novitec Starts New Spofec Brand to Tune Rolls-Royce Ghost

Faster, lower Roller

  • Short for Spirit of Ecstasy, new brand makes high-roller Roller

  • More power, bigger wheels, carbon bodywork the highlights

Tuning firm Novitec has turned its eyes on the Rolls-Royce Ghost with an all-new brand. It’s called Spofec, a nod to the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament that adorns every Rolls-Royce vehicle, and it has set out to turn the Ghost into something a little bit more sporting than the standard quiet cruiser.

Spofec starts by turning up the wick on the 6.75L V12 under that long hood. It makes 563 hp stock and 627 lb-ft of torque, but Novitec’s N-Tronic ECU module changes the mapping and raises the boost pressure. 675 hp and 707 lb-ft are now on tap and the Spirit of Ecstasy can hitch up her skirt and get to 100 km/h a few tenths more quickly.

A new exhaust system helps with the power increase, and, rather oddly for a Roller, gives the driver the option of both quiet and loud modes thanks for flap regulation in the exhaust. The flap can be opened and closed from in the cabin, allowing the car to make decidedly un-Rolls-like noises on request.

The wheels are a remarkably tasteful design made by Vossen wheels for Spofec. The split-spoke alloys are 22-inches tall to fill the arches, while a Spofec suspension module drops the ride height by 40mm for better handling and a sharper stance.

Not content with wheels and power, Spofec has given the Ghost a thorough styling update. Carbon bodywork includes new vented fenders, side skirts, front and rear bumpers, and, the horrors, a rear spoiler. If that’s not enough, they’ll retrim the entire cabin for you, with a wide range of shades and other choices available.


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