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News Nyobolt and Callum Showcase a Reborn Lotus Elise S1 EV that Charges...

Nyobolt and Callum Showcase a Reborn Lotus Elise S1 EV that Charges in 6 Minutes

Nyobolt and Callum teamed up to develop an electric sports car based on the original Lotus Elise that features advanced battery technologies.

  • The concept is a modernized version of the 90s Lotus sports car reimagined by the same designer.

  • The batteries are capable of fully charging in only 6 minutes with current charging infrastructures.

  • Both companies plan to develop other concept cars together in the coming years.

A new electric concept car based on the original Lotus Elise S1 from 1996 was recently unveiled as a showcase for a new battery technology that promises the same level of convenience as traditional gasoline power.

A result of the collaboration between battery maker Nyobolt and design firm Callum, this concept is a modern take on the Elise S1 that was reimagined by the same designer.

This means that the inspiration for the concept is easily recognizable despite the new version being longer and wider than the original. Distinctive elements include the black Targa roof as well as the round headlamps and taillamps.

While the design is interesting on its own, the technology that sits under it is even more impressive.

Indeed, Nyobolt claims its new technology enables the batteries in the concept car to fully charge in only 6 minutes using current DC fast chargers.

Nyobolt and Callum concept | Photo: Nyobolt

Of course, the size of the battery is also a factor in this equation, and the concept features a small 35 kWh unit that is good for about 250 kilometres of range.

While this doesn’t seem much compared to current EVs, it is worth remembering that drivers will only need to stop for a little over 5 minutes before being able to drive another 250 kilometres instead of having to wait 20 to 45 minutes in exchange for a longer range.

To achieve this high rate of charge, the company developed a new type of lithium-ion battery that uses tungsten anodes in order to reliably accept large quantities of energy in a short span of time.

In addition to improving charging times, this technology is said to make batteries more durable since the company says its tests showed very little degradation after 2,000 fast charging cycles.

Based on a 250-kilometre range and an annual driven distance of 20,000 kilometres, this means that these batteries could deliver close to their optimal performance for 25 years even if they are always charged using a level 3 charger.

Nyobolt and Callum concept | Photo: Nyobolt

This could help make electric vehicles a genuinely convenient option for almost every driver, even those who can’t charge at home.

In addition, Nyobolt says its technology will be fully scalable, meaning that larger vehicles and longer ranges will become possible with similar charging times once 1 MW chargers are introduced.

On the other hand, reducing charging times down to only a few minutes means a shorter range is not such a limiting factor, thus making it possible to use smaller and lighter batteries.

This second strategy can open up new avenues for automakers, which is what the partnership with Callum aimed to demonstrate with the reimagined Elise concept.

According to Nyobolt, the new technology will be ready to enter mass production as soon as the beginning of 2024.

Nyobolt and Callum concept | Photo: Nyobolt

Source: Nyobolt and Autocar

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