Tuesday, November 30, 2021
News Official EPA Range for the Mercedes-Benz EQS Revealed

Official EPA Range for the Mercedes-Benz EQS Revealed

The Mercedes-Benz EQS doesn't have the same efficiency as the Tesla Model S or the Lucid Air, but its range is still over 310 miles (500 kilometers)

  • The EQS is the electric counterpart of the S-Class

  • The EQS 450+ will have 350 miles (563 kilometers) of range

  • The EQS 580 4Matic (the only one sold in Canada) will have 340 miles (547 kilometers) of range

The EPA has revealed its official range ratings for the new Mercedes-Benz EQS luxury sedan.

The EQS is the electric counterpart of the S-Class, therefore, it is Mercedes’ flagship electric vehicle, and its first sold in North America.

The EQS will be offered in two versions in the United States and only one version in Canada. The EQS 450+ is a rear-wheel drive model that will be the lower trim level in the US and the EQS 580 4Matic is an all-wheel drive model that will be priced higher. This last one is the only version of the EQS that will make it to Canada.

The EPA gives the EQS 450+ a range rating of 350 miles (563 kilometers) and the EQS 580 4Matic a range of 340 miles (547 kilometers).

The difference between the two models is surprisingly small, since the EQS 580 4Matic adds a second motor and both versions share the same 107.8 kWh battery.

In terms of efficiency, the EQS is slightly disappointing, since it consumes more electricity than the Lucid Air and the Tesla Model S, two electric sedans with which it will compete.

Even the Tesla Model S Plaid, the most powerful iteration of the Model S, is more efficient than the EQS 450+, which only has a single motor.

However, these results have to be taken with a grain of salt since the Mercedes has only been subjected to a two-cycle test instead of the more accurate five-cycle tests the Tesla and Lucid have been through, so the final efficiency figures could vary.

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