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NewsOnly 8 Mazda MX-30 EVs Were Sold in the US in July

Only 8 Mazda MX-30 EVs Were Sold in the US in July

The Mazda MX-30’s pricing and limited range are driving factors behind its lackadaisical sales performance

  • 73 were sold in Canada in the same period.

  • The MX-30’s estimated range is only 100 miles or 160 km.

All automakers have, at one point or another, developed and launched a complete sales flop. I recall a certain Acura RLX some years back having found only 41 new homes after an entire year of sales. While Mazda isn’t doing that bad with their new and first-ever EV, the MX-30, it’s not exactly a hit.

2022 Mazda MX-30 GS Review: Five Years Too Late

In Canada, 73 consumers left dealership lots with a new MX-30 in July, besting the MX-5’s 31 sales in the same month. So far this year, 468 of the Japanese automaker’s compliance EVs have been sold. Shockingly, this number is far greater than the US figures.

You read that right: Mazda sold only eight (8) new MX-30s in July. And in 2022, they’ve delivered just 324 units to customers, according to electrek.

While we understand the premise behind the MX-30, we can’t say we’re surprised that it’s not flying off dealer lots. We’ve reviewed it twice so far and came to the same conclusions as everyone else: It’s far too expensive and the range, far too limited. No matter Mazda’s reasons for fitting the vehicle with such a small battery, the fact is that range is critical, as is value.


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