Monday, June 21, 2021
News Opel Restores Manta, Becomes Stick-Shift Electric Manta GSe

Opel Restores Manta, Becomes Stick-Shift Electric Manta GSe

Electric Manta shows of restomod potential

  • Modern powertrain and tech into classic Opel body

  • Has a real gearbox, or just leave it in fourth

The Opel Manta is back as the German automaker puts the name and classic styling one yet another amazing retro electric vehicle. The ElektroMod gets revised styling, rear drive, and a stick-shift, all blending classic styling and modern technology into one heck of a package.

Opel calls it the Opel Manta GSe ElektroMod, and it’s an original Opel Manta GSe that’s had its four-cylinder engine dropped in favour of a 147 hp electric motor. It might not sound like much, but that makes it the most powerful Manta Opel has ever made, and the original would have had 105 hp from its gas engine. The electric motor is paired with a four-speed stick, but there is enough electric torque that the driver can simply leave it in fourth and go. The power is sent to the rear wheels, and since it’s electric, you don’t need to use the clutch.

31 kWh from a lithium-ion pack gives the car a range of around 200 km, and it can charge in under four hours from the wall.

Opel upgraded the styling by giving the Manta the brand’s latest Pixel-Vizor nose, the new version of the Opel nose used on the Mokka that was actually inspired by the original Manta. The LED screen that is the nose panel can display messages and is currently set to tell anyone looking that it’s an EV, not gas.

The paint is from the Opel Cl, and the black hood is a nod to decades of go-fast Opel models. Special 17-inch alloys wear narrow tires front and rear, while the chrome trim has been dropped to smooth the car and the rear wears Manta in the brand’s latest font.

Inside is the Pure Panel display from the production Mokka, with 12 and 10.0-inch screens showing you all the information you need, with audio from a Marshall Bluetooth speaker. Sports seats and a three-spoke wheel are meant to keep it ’70s, but there are other resto-mod features like Alcantara for the headliner and new interior surfaces.

It’s a one-off, but it’s hard not to love electrified classics. Especially when they add this much cool tech.

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