Thursday, June 30, 2022
News Over 1,200 Kilometers of Electric Range, Is It Possible?

Over 1,200 Kilometers of Electric Range, Is It Possible?

ONE installed its experimental battery in a Tesla Model S and almost doubled its range

At the time of writing, the electric car with the longest range between charges is the Tesla Model S. The sedan with two motors – not three as in the Plaid version – and 19-inch wheels can travel 652 km (405 mi).

But it seems that this appreciable distance is still not enough for some of us. Not for the people of this small Michigan company anyway. The company ONE (for Our Next Energy) has succeeded in pushing this possible distance – on board a Tesla Model S – to 1,210 km (752 mi). And it’s not by adopting driving techniques to extend the range, commonly known as “hypermiling”.

No, the wizards of the American company “in the making” have rather installed their experimental battery on board the Californian sedan to achieve such a result. The calculation of this distance was corroborated by a third party, the car that recorded an average of 88 km/h.

A second test on a dynamometer even revealed that the car equipped with the battery in question, dubbed Gemini internally, could drive an even more impressive 1,419 km (882 mi).

“We want to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by eliminating the range anxiety that holds most consumers back today. We are now focused on evolving this prototype battery into a new product called Gemini, which will allow for long distances on a single charge while improving cost and safety through sustainable materials,” said ONE founder and CEO Mujeeb Ijaz.

The executive even claimed that ONE’s battery technology is capable of overcoming challenges such as high-speed driving, extreme temperatures or towing maneuvers for example. The interesting thing about this new battery is that it doesn’t take up any more space in the Tesla sedan. In fact, despite having a capacity of 207.3 kWh (compared to 103.9 kWh in Tesla’s production version), the Gemini battery isn’t any larger, which means it’s more energy dense.

If all goes well, the company plans to begin production of this new and improved battery after 2023.

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