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Own a Piece of History: AC Cobra GT Revived for a New Generation of Drivers

  • AC Cars celebrates 123 years, launches AC Cobra GT Roadster production in a new UK facility.

  • Demand soars for the revived Cobra GT, with the first year’s production already sold out.

  • AC Cobra GT Coupe debuts, offering a new dimension to the legendary sports car experience.

AC Cars, Britain’s oldest active vehicle manufacturer, is celebrating a landmark 123rd anniversary with noteworthy developments that signal a new era for the iconic AC Cobra. The company has initiated production of the AC Cobra GT Roadster in the UK and revealed plans for the AC Cobra GT Coupe, alongside the expansion of its headquarters at Donington Park. These steps mark a rejuvenation of the AC Cobra legacy, blending its historic roots with contemporary demands.

The production of the AC Cobra GT Roadster is taking place in a dedicated 100,000 sq ft facility on the UK’s south coast, demonstrating AC Cars’ investment in modern manufacturing capabilities. With the first year’s production already allocated to clients, the demand for the AC Cobra GT Roadster highlights its anticipated return.

In addition to the roadster, AC Cars has introduced the AC Cobra GT Coupe, marking the first time the AC Cobra has been designed as a coupe. This model, now available for reservation, shares the novel vehicle architecture of its roadster counterpart. The introduction of the coupe variant offers drivers a new way to experience the AC Cobra’s legendary performance.

Expansion and Future Plans

The expansion of AC Cars’ headquarters and R&D center at Donington Park enhances the company’s ability to offer client test drives and future vehicle demonstrations. This facility also serves as a brand center and will eventually house the company’s archives, further cementing its role in preserving the legacy of AC Cars.

Both the AC Cobra GT Roadster and Coupe are characterized by a unique aluminum chassis and a 5.0-litre V8 engine, embodying a perfect blend of traditional aesthetics and modern engineering. The meticulous production techniques employed in their construction reflect AC Cars’ commitment to quality and excellence.

AC Cobra GT Coupe | Photo: AC Cars
AC Cobra GT Roadster | Photo: AC Cars


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