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NewsPagani Bringing New Performance Pack to Monterey Along With "Iconic" Huayras

Pagani Bringing New Performance Pack to Monterey Along With “Iconic” Huayras

Pagani bringing Huayra BC tuner kit to Monterey

Pagani is celebrating 10 years of Huayra by heading to the beach. The automaker is bringing what it calls “the most iconic Huayra examples” to The Quail as part of Monterey Car Week which also includes the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The highlight is a new model package called the Pacchetto Tempesta.

We’re not sure what makes a Pagani Huayra not iconic, since the ultra-exclusive cars are nearly all bespoke and only around 200 exist, but the company clearly feels some are more important than others. What is in store? This car, the Pacchetto Tempesta. It’s a Huayra BC but packed with kit that Pagani created after the original BC was built.

An enhanced version of the 6.0L twin-turbo V12 makes 827 hp, eight percent more than the BC offered. It gets a new rear wing that has an integrated central fin for better aero efficiency, and it also has a new six-pipe exhaust system. The suspension is revised as well, for more comfort, and a Soft Driving mode is meant to help with that. If that power figure sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the engine offered in the five-only Huayra Imola.

The Pacchetto Tempesta will be offered as a package to upgrade existing cars, something the automaker has done for some time as part of the Pagani Atelier program. Also on display will be the engine intended for the Huayra R, the 7.3L V-12 R along with its six-speed sequential box and the titanium and carbon monocoque that make up the car.

The rest of the lineup has yet to be revealed, but expect some ultra-special automobiles to be in attendance.



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