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NewsPagani Takes us to Utopia With Third Model

Pagani Takes us to Utopia With Third Model

Pagani creates another masterpiece with Utopia hypercar

  • Looks simple, is incredibly complex

  • Pagani’s third car elevates the brand once again

Pagani has finally introduced its third model. It’s called the Utopia, and, well, the look is going to be polarizing.

Ask us, and we’ll tell you that the original Pagani Zonda was the original and best-looking car. One of the best designs of all time. But it’s been 20 years since that car launched, and the Huayra is far from new itself, so Pagani needed something different. This is it.

The company describes it as “radiating simplicity,” with a more flowing shape than the two prior cars. That includes a more rounded windscreen as well as the shaped fenders. The headlights are inspired by 1950s industrial design, the suspended taillights by jet turbines. Impressively, the whole body uses 20 percent fewer parts and is more aerodynamically efficient despite not looking to have much aero at all.

Power for the Pagani Utopia comes from a twin-turbo 6.0L Mercedes-AMG V12. There are 864 horses and 811 lb-ft of torque. It’s a bespoke unit, made thanks to the special relationship between Pagani and AMG. A new valvetrain raises the rev limit, letting the V12 spin to 6,700 rpm.

A seven-speed Xtrac gearbox puts the power to the rear tires. It has a triple-plate clutch for better torque transfer. It’s also available with a manual version for those who insist on a third pedal in their show car.

Then there are those wheels. Monolithic rims made by APP tech and wearing exclusive Pirelli tires are some of the coolest wheels we’ve ever seen. The turbine design pulls hot air from the brakes, and the fins are carbon fiber.

The Utopia’s cabin shows more of Pagani’s stunning attention to detail. Large parts are made simply, the small parts loaded with detail for you to find over time. The gauges are analog, the steering wheel made from a single block of aluminum, and loads of special cabin lighting to make it feel like it’s from outer space.

How much is it? Who cares (it’s actually around $3m)? If you’re thinking about buying one, they’d have you at any price. When can you get one? You can’t, but deliveries start around the middle of next year.


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