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News Pagani will Not Make EVs

Pagani will Not Make EVs

Only about 50 Pagani supercars are built every year meaning their impact on the environment is insignificant

  • An internal focus group has determined that there is no interest in electric supercars.

  • It is impossible for an EV to replicate the emotions produced by an ICE.

  • The biggest obstacle is a battery pack’s weight.

This decision was not made overnight. In fact, Pagani assembled a team back in 2018 and their job was to determine the feasibility and desirability of an electric Pagani supercar. After four years, the results are in and Pagani is not.

Pagani Huayra R | Photo: Pagani

The bottom line is that an electric Pagani would not be a Pagani. And there’s more. Company Boss, Horacio Pagani says that some EVs simply have too much power and that how electricity is made is a serious problem.

As reported by Autocar, Pagani notes: “At the moment, 90% of energy is produced without renewables. It’s silly to think that only a few supercars [in the world] with ICEs can have a negative impact on the climate when 90% of energy is produced in a bad way.”

Batteries are extremely heavy, as we know, and this poses another insurmountable obstacle for Pagani’s philosophy about supercars. The Huayra R tips the scale at only 1,070 kg and based on its internal studies, it would need a 600 kg battery to make it “work”, which is unthinkable.

Pagani Huayra Roadster

He adds: “The idea should be to make a lightweight car, but this is the biggest challenge. The dream would be a 1300kg EV, but this isn’t possible.”

And finally, nothing can replace the sound and vibrations created by a Mercedes-AMG V12 engine revving to 9,000 rpm.

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