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NewsParis will be fully accessible to cyclists in 4 years

Paris will be fully accessible to cyclists in 4 years

Paris wants to become the bike capital of the world

  • A $174 million “plan vélo” will make the city more accessible to cyclists

  • A second act will cost $290 million

  • Changes will prioritise bicycles over cars

Many large cities around the world are trying to reduce their ecological footprint and improve their air quality and Paris is no exception.

Indeed, the French capital is set to become bikeable in its entirety thanks to a plan put in place by the mayor, Anne Hidalgo.

The bike plan is a $174 million program that is already underway, but numerous additions, the latest being the bike plan: act 2, have increased the costs by $290 million.

Paris has long been known to be toxic for cyclists because of the large number of cars on its narrow streets, which are not designed to allow the two modes of transportation to coexist.

The bike plan will see the creation of protected bike lanes and bike parking spaces, with the goal of allowing cyclists to get anywhere in the city easily and safely.

In addition, the plan proposes to install 30,000 parking racks and 40,000 secure parking spaces near rail stations.

These changes will come at the expense of motorists, as protected bike lanes will block car traffic on many streets and bike parking will be installed in former car parking spaces.

Similarly, Paris is already in the process of eliminating more than 70% of its curbside car parking spaces.



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