Monday, September 20, 2021
News PaRollSol Just the Tip of Rolls-Royce Boat Tail's Goodies

PaRollSol Just the Tip of Rolls-Royce Boat Tail’s Goodies

One-off Rolls a party palace for two

  • First of Rolls-Royce modern coachbuilt wonders

  • Designed exclusively for one wealthy buyer

Just days after announcing it would start coachbuilding once again, Rolls-Royce has revealed this magnificent yet absurd beast to prove they’re serious. It’s called the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail and it comes with a boat-style roof, wood decking, and, of course, a parasol.

It began with the Sweptail, a striking Phantom-based one-off that was built in 2017. A number of buyers wanted their own, and three wanted to take it even further. To build their own nautical-themed Rolls. The company said all three wanted the company to “Show me something that I have never seen before.” So Rolls did.

This massive motor is nearly six metres long, with a front end inspired by the Sweptail’s treatment of the classic Rolls nose and giving it massive on-road presence. The wraparound windshield is meant to look like the front visor on a motor launch, with the tapered rear that of a launch under power. The bow on plane, tail digging into the ocean.

Because this is as much boat as it is car, the rear is finished with an open-pore Caleidolegno veneer. It’s been adapted to be used on the exterior of the vehicle and is pinstriped in stainless steel for a vintage luxury effect.

The Boat Tail’s roof is made from canvas, like that of a boat. When in place it adds flying buttresses to the rear, and it can’t be stored in the vehicle. Instead, there is a temporary tonneau cover onboard to get to dry safety.

The signature of the car, though, is not the Bovet 1882 timepiece or the owner’s cherished Montblanc pen in a special glove box storage space. It’s the hosting suite in the boat-shaped tail that is the hallmark of this car.

Press a button and the deck opens in butterfly fashion, revealing an architect-designed mechanism and the hosting suite contained inside.

Special cutlery from Christofle, a double refrigerator designed to hold Armand de Brignac champagne, and other luxury brand names with which we are not acquainted have been tapped to fill in the Boat Tail’s kit. Lastly, a twist on the traditional Rolls brolly in the door in the form of an extendable parasol. It telescopes up and opens, with cocktail tables underneath to enjoy the shade provided. The boot-stored stools are formed from the same technical fibre found elsewhere on the exterior of the car and are trimmed in the same leather as the interior.

This is the first of the three Boat Tail models, each one offering something unique to its owner. Expect the rest to be revealed shortly.

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