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News Patent Drawings Show what the 2023 Honda CR-V Could Look Like

Patent Drawings Show what the 2023 Honda CR-V Could Look Like

Patent images show what the 2023 Honda CR-V should look like when it is introduced later this year

  • These drawings show the vehicle from the front ¾ view

  • The 2023 CR-V could be two different models depending on the market where it is sold

  • The hybrid model will be offered for the first time in Canada

The look of the upcoming 2023 Honda CR-V might have been leaked in some patent drawings that have been found on the internet.

The drawing shows the front and the side of the SUV, which gives a good idea of what the production vehicle will look like.

The design appears to be quite conservative and similar to the current model, but the front end looks longer and less rounded than before, which makes for a more elegant appearance.

The headlamps are more horizontal and they recall the ones installed on the new Civic, while the grille looks to have a honeycomb design.

Smaller design changes have also taken place, like the character line that has been relocated above the door handles and the quarter windows which have grown in size.

The rear is not visible in the picture, bit the taillamps seem to keep the same general shape as the current units which run alongside the rear window.

Something that isn’t readily apparent in the drawings is that the new CR-V is expected to be quite a bit bigger than the current model since the smaller HR-V, which will also be entirely reworked for 2023, will be bumped up in size, at least in America.

Indeed, the 2023 Honda HR-V will be sold as two different models globally, a bigger one for North America and a smaller one for Europe and Asia. This strategy could also be used for the new CR-V, which is why the version sold here could be slightly different from the drawing.

Another change that can’t be seen in the image is that the hybrid model will finally be sold in Canada, after being on sale in the United States for many years already. Its powertrain will be similar to the one found under the hood of the current Accord Hybrid.

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