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NewsPatent Images Show a Potential Design for the Electric Volvo XC90

Patent Images Show a Potential Design for the Electric Volvo XC90

Volvo might be about to introduce a new large SUV or a heavy refresh of the current XC90.

  • This design could be either a next-generation electric XC90 or a refreshed current-generation model

  • A recent trademark hints this model could be called EXC90

  • The general design is similar to the current XC90, with elements taken from the Recharge Concept

Volvo announced last year that it planned to launch the successor to the XC90 in 2022 and recent patent images reveal what this model could look like.

Due to supply chain issues, the automaker had to delay the introduction of its upcoming electric flagship SUV but it could still meet its goal if the launch takes place in the next few months.

In documents filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the automaker presented basic images that show what an upcoming large SUV will look like.

Volvo EXC90 patent drawings Photo: EUIPO

Since Volvo hasn’t confirmed which model these drawings represent, it is difficult to be certain that this is indeed the next-generation flagship, since the current XC90 is also due to be refreshed soon.

Indeed, the company announced that the current XC90 will be modernized in order to be sold alongside its successor for a few years.

Looking at the images, the resemblance with the current model is easy to spot, especially from the side, but that might not be a big clue since Volvo is known to make models that have a strong family resemblance.

Volvo EXC90 patent drawings Photo: EUIPO

Interestingly, the headlamps and taillamps of the model in the drawing seem to be more inspired by the Polestar 2 than any current Volvo models.

What leads us to believe the model shown in the images is electric is that it doesn’t appear to have a grille, which often hints at the lack of a combustion engine. In addition, the taillamps are also similar to the Concept Recharge, which was a styling study that previewed the look of the brand’s future electric models.

When Volvo announced the upcoming XC90 successor, speculation began about the name of this future model and after hints by the company’s CEO, rumours chose the name Embla.

Volvo EXC90 patent drawings Photo: EUIPO

These rumours might have been wrong, however, since another trademark that was unveiled at the same time as the images points to the name EXC90 instead.

More details will be known when this model is ready to be launched, which could be quite soon considering the design seems pretty much done and the original launch date was scheduled for this year.

Volvo EXC90 patent drawings Photo: EUIPO

Source: Worldscoop Forum


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