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NewsPebble Life Unveils its Pebble Flow : a Modern-Era Electrified Camper

Pebble Life Unveils its Pebble Flow : a Modern-Era Electrified Camper

Pebble Flow, a novel electrified camper developed by a startup led by a former Apple engineer showcases the future of camping. This self-propelled trailer also addresses range concerns for EV owners.


  • The Pebble Flow boasts a 45 kWh battery and rooftop solar panels, enabling off-grid stays for up to a week.

  • Innovative features like the “Magic Hitch” and “InstaCamp” address common RV challenges.

  • Besides catering to electric vehicles, Pebble Flow can be utilized as a backup home energy source during power outages.


Unveiling a new chapter in eco-friendly camping, a startup spearheaded by an ex-Apple engineer introduces the Pebble Flow, an electrified trailer. Highlighted by Axios, this cutting-edge camper is not just a nod to the electric vehicle (EV) era but also a step towards sustainable outdoor recreation.

Pebble Flow | Photo : Pebble Life

Central to the Pebble Flow is its 45 kWh battery. This powers electric motors that assist in propelling the trailer, addressing the range concerns EV owners often face when towing. Additionally, the battery, when paired with its rooftop solar panels, can provide energy for off-grid adventures lasting up to seven days, as claimed by the developers.

Pebble Flow | Photo : Pebble Life

The design is refreshingly contemporary, with an interior that radiates brightness, complemented by ample windows. It’s reminiscent of a mobile, nature-integrated tech store.

Pebble Flow | Photo : Pebble Life

What sets the Pebble Flow apart are its high-tech features. The “Magic Hitch” autonomously attaches the trailer to a vehicle, while “InstaCamp” is designed to automatically set up the camper, deploying stabilizers, stairs, and other essentials, tackling some of the traditional pain points of RVing.

Pebble Flow | Photo : Pebble Life

Additionally, the Pebble Flow’s utility extends beyond the road. In situations of power outages, a fully charged Pebble Flow can double up as an auxiliary home energy source. While primarily envisioned for EVs, it’s worth noting that the trailer is versatile. Any vehicle with a towing capacity of at least 6,200 lbs can harness its benefits. Even traditional gas-powered vehicles can experience an efficiency uptick when paired with it.

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However, innovation has its price. Potential customers can anticipate deliveries starting late the following year, with prices commencing at $109,000 USD. Apply a 1.3x factor to the price for the Canadian market.

Pebble Flow | Photo : Pebble Life

Pebble’s CEO, Bingrui Yang, envisions the Flow not merely as a camper but as a home extension. It can serve as a unique workspace or an outdoor family retreat, adding multifunctional value to the modern lifestyle.


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