Friday, December 3, 2021
News Pepsico Gains a Permit to Install a Tesla Megacharger

Pepsico Gains a Permit to Install a Tesla Megacharger

Pepsico will be able to have a charging station ready before its Tesla trucks arrive

  • Pepsico should receive its first Tesla Semis in December

  • The company now has the authorisation to install a megacharger for its future trucks

  • Regular production of the Semi is still not on the menu

Pepsico received a permit that will allow it to build a megacharger at one of its facilities in California. This is important since the company is expecting to receive its first Tesla Semi trucks in December of this year.

The megacharger is a scaled up version of the company’s superchargers that was designed specifically for the Semi.

This will be the very first megacharger that is outside of a Tesla facility and that makes sense, since Pepsico will be the first company to receive the Semi and the only one to use it for a while, since regular production is still not in the plans at Tesla, because of battery cell supply issues that need to be sorted, according to Elon Musk.

This permit took quite a while to be obtained, since Pepsico applied for it in April of 2021 and it was only granted on the 22nd of November. During this time, the Stanislaus County’s Planning Commission proceeded with inspections to make sure the plans and the final product will be compliant to the applicable regulations and that the installation will be safe.

Nevertheless, the fact that Pepsico will be able to build its own megacharging station before its first electric trucks arrive means that they will be put to use as soon as the company receives them.

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