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News Per Apple, iPhone 15 Faces Charging Issues in BMW and Toyota Vehicles

Per Apple, iPhone 15 Faces Charging Issues in BMW and Toyota Vehicles

Apple confirms that the wireless charging feature in recent BMW and Toyota vehicles causes issues with the iPhone 15.


  • Wireless charging in certain BMW and Toyota models impacts the NFC functionality of the iPhone 15.

  • Affected iPhones lose the ability to use ApplePay and other NFC-dependent systems.

  • The only current remedy for impacted customers is to replace the iPhone.


According to a report from Caradisiac, Apple has verified concerns regarding the iPhone 15’s wireless charging when placed in newer BMW models or a Toyota Supra. Over the past three weeks, multiple BMW and Toyota owners have reported online that their iPhone 15 loses NFC (Near Field Communication) functionality following the use of the car’s induction charging feature. The malfunction occurs within minutes of placing the device on the designated charging spot.

2024 BMW X2 M35i & iX2 | Photo : BMW

This NFC issue is significant as it prevents the affected smartphones from utilizing services like ApplePay and other systems reliant on this information exchange technology. Notably, MacRumors, a site specializing in Apple products, suggests that Apple is currently disseminating an internal memo to authorized service centers. This memo indicates that all versions of the phone are susceptible to this problem. The current advice for customers facing this challenge is to exchange their iPhone for a new one.

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As of now, Apple has not provided a reason for the iPhone 15’s NFC chip malfunction during charging. There’s hope that a forthcoming iOS update may rectify this issue. It appears that the vehicles causing this technical glitch are primarily the latest BMW models and the Toyota Supra, which shares components with the Z4 roadster.

2023 Toyota GR Supra | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

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