Thursday, October 28, 2021
News Pictures Of The New MK8 Volkswagen Golf Estate Emerge

Pictures Of The New MK8 Volkswagen Golf Estate Emerge

The all-new 8th generation Volkswagen Golf will spawn a wagon version, and we won’t get it.

  • This is the station wagon version of the all-new 8th generation Volkswagen Golf.

  • Canada will see new MK8 Golfs but the US will not.

  • Dealer stocks of the current MK7 Golf Sportwagen are dwindling rapidly.

The Volkswagen Golf  Sportwagen is a car that is appreciated only by those in the know. While the MK4 variant, the wagon, was briefly available in North America, it was the 5th generation Jetta Sportwagen that garnered some attention. The follow-up 6th and 7th generation’s managed to build something of a following with those who require both utility and driving pleasure. The all-new Volkswagen Golf Estate has been spotted in Europe and it looks perfect.

The new-generation Volkswagen Golf launched in Europe recently and will be followed up by the GTI and the wagon. In the images published by Autoexpress, the car is unmistakably a Golf wagon. The evolution between it and the current Sportwagen is evident and well-executed. From the front, it is identical to the hatchback, and, as expected, design details change from the “C” pillar back. The hatch, rear bumper, and lights are unique to the wagon, as are the customary roof rails.

The same family of engines that power the Golf hatch will get the new Golf Estate moving. There are two versions of the turbocharged 1.5-litre 4-cylinder as well as two 2.0-litre diesel engines, and a GTE PHEV version is also expected. Enthusiasts will be happy (sad, perhaps?) to know that an R variant is also planned with a 328-horsepower AWD drivetrain.

Like the hatch, the Estate will feature numerous technology upgrades including an available 10.25-inch driver display and 10-inch touchscreen display.

We’ve poked Volkswagen Canada to see if there was hope for our country, and we’ve heard back from them. They stipulate that they’ve may it clear to the powers-that-be in Germany that Canada is very interested in a new Sportwagen. where that will lead them remains to be seen.

Unlike the US, Canada will be privy to the new MK8 Golf, which should arrive in 2022, so maybe there’s hope… We’ve got our fingers crossed as we know many of you are interested in this car. Currently, our review of the Sportwagen is one of the most viewed videos on our YouTube channel.

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