Thursday, January 26, 2023
News Polestar 0: The Automaker Unveils its First Partners

Polestar 0: The Automaker Unveils its First Partners

Polestar will work with many suppliers to make an entirely carbon neutral vehicle

Polestar is making more and more announcements and gestures to reduce its ecological footprint. Already, the decision not to offer a vehicle equipped with an internal combustion engine – if we exclude the rare Polestar 1 with a plug-in hybrid engine – is well received by electromobilists, but there’s more, such as the Polestar 0 project, which consists of producing a completely carbon-neutral car from start to finish.

The small Swedish automaker had made the announcement in 2021, but as of the end of February 2022, Polestar confirms that it is moving forward with letters of intent with several business partners who are committed to joining forces with the automotive brand for the development of a completely climate neutral car.

Polestar has signed agreements with strategic partners, including metal suppliers, but also safety, drive systems and even electronics.

For example, the steel and metals producer SSAB wants to collaborate with Polestar on non-fossil steel, the material that could eventually replace conventional steel in the cars of the future.

Meanwhile, Norwegian aluminum and renewable energy company Hydro intends to collaborate with Polestar’s experts on carbon-free aluminum. And it’s a similar story at ZF, the electric powertrain supplier that is also looking to reduce its carbon footprint these days.

Nordic steel and metals producer SSAB intends to collaborate with Polestar on non-fossil steel, which could potentially replace not only conventional steel in a car, but also other materials with a large carbon footprint.

Automotive lighting company ZKW wants to work with Polestar to develop carbon-neutral electrical wiring and control systems, and automotive safety systems supplier Autoliv wants to work on zero-emission airbags and seatbelts.

In fact, Polestar is inviting all parts of society to participate in the effort, including researchers, universities, entrepreneurs, investors, governmental and non-governmental organizations and even other suppliers. Interested parties should contact Polestar by March 23, 2022.

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