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NewsPolestar brings a superb supercar study and a go-kart to Munich

Polestar brings a superb supercar study and a go-kart to Munich

  • The Polestar Synergy marks the start of a new collaboration between Polestar and Mattel.

  • The exterior and interior designs were imagined by three design students.

  • It’s a safe bet to say that this supercar will find its way into every good toy store across the globe.


Polestar took advantage of its presence at the Munich Motor Show in Germany to show off its latest creation, the Polestar Synergy. Although the Swedish brand is still in its infancy, its design department has already produced some fine work, and this latest study continues the tradition.

In this case, however, the car is the fruit of collaboration between the brand’s designers and the three winners of the brand’s design competition held last year. The Polestar Synergy also marks the start of a new partnership between the purely electric brand and Mattel, owner of the Hot Wheels and Matchbox brands. The Synergy is therefore likely to be made available to millions of fans of beautiful bodies around the world, on a much smaller scale than the supercar shown over the weekend in Munich.

The process of arriving at this superb supercar silhouette is quite unique. Two winners of the 2022 design competition are responsible for the exterior design. The two exterior winners, Devashish Deshmukh and Swapnil Desai, both based in Paris, France, joined forces with Polestar’s design department to create the Synergy’s outstanding lines. Devashish Deshmukh brought his expertise to bear on the hollowed-out volumes and hammerhead inspiration. The second contest winner, on the other hand, emphasized emotional durability, technical scalability and materials that age gracefully over time.

The single-seat interior was imagined by the competition’s third winner, Yingxiang Li. He created a cabin with a performance-oriented seating position that offers a new experience focused on “floating comfort and control”.

In addition to the supercar, an electric go-kart was also added to the presentation. This one is also the work of this other design competition participant, Kamil Kozik, a student based in Poland, is behind this electric go-kart design capable of integrating into a local power grid when not in use.

Polestar‘s Head of Design, Maximillian Missoni, commented: “This year’s story is as much about collaboration as it is about performance. I’m proud that the team was able to guide and help the winners realize their dreams in the form of a life-size model. It’s not often that student designers get this kind of exposure early in their careers, which the Polestar Design Community on Instagram does so well, amplified this year by the 1:1 scale model and its planned tour of Polestar sites around the world.”

After the Munich show, the Polestar Synergy will cross the Ocean to the United States for the Hot Wheels Legends Tour in El Segundo, California.



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