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News Polestar O2 Concept is a Convertible Electric Sports Car

Polestar O2 Concept is a Convertible Electric Sports Car

Polestar unveiled a concept that could compete with the Porsche 911 or the upcoming Tesla Roadster

  • This convertible sports car could compete with the Porsche 911 and the Tesla Roadster

  • It shares its powertrain with the upcoming Polestar 5

  • It can deploy a drone in order to film itself while driving

Polestar unveiled a new concept that serves to reinforce the brand’s image as an electric luxury sports car maker that wants to compete with Porsche.

The O2 Concept is a hardtop convertible four-seater that shows a striking design and promises high performances.

According to the brand, this concept as well as the Precept of 2020 are setting the styling direction which the company’s future models will follow. Unlike the Precept which will reach production under the Polestar 5 name, the O2 Concept is not currently intended for production.

Polestar O2 Concept | Photo: Polestar
Polestar O2 Concept | Photo: Polestar

Despite this, the automaker said the concept is built on a shortened version of the platform that will underpin the Polestar 5. This means that it could be powered by the new motors which are being developed by the Swedish company. These units are said to be 1.5 times more powerful than those used in the Porsche Taycan, giving them a possible output of about 600 horsepower.

In addition to its distinctive styling and potential performance, the Polestar O2 Concept will also be remembered for its party trick. The rear decklid features a crease under which a drone can emerge. In order to launch the drone at speed, an aero foil raises up to create an area of negative pressure and the decklid serves as a track.

Polestar O2 Concept | Photo: Polestar
Polestar O2 Concept | Photo: Polestar

Once airborne, the drone will be able to follow the car along several pre-programmed flight paths at speeds up to 56 mph (90 km/h). This will allow the driver to film the car from the outside to create a movie which can be edited directly in the car’s center screen before being uploaded online.

Despite the automaker saying this model is not intended for production, there is a chance we will see it on the road. Indeed, Polestar wants to become a Porsche competitor and the O2 Concept could be a great 911 alternative. In addition, the long-awaited Tesla Roadster would compete directly with this model, if it arrives at some point in the current decade.

Polestar O2 Concept | Photo: Polestar
Polestar O2 Concept | Photo: Polestar

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