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NewsPorsche 911 EV Conversion to be Unveiled During Monterey Car Week

Porsche 911 EV Conversion to be Unveiled During Monterey Car Week

Unveiling a Classic: Sacrilege Motors and Fellten Debut at Monterey Car Week

  • Sacrilege Motors and Fellten reveal unique Porsche 911 EV conversion at Monterey Car Week.

  • The meticulously restored “BLACKBIRD” Porsche 911 America Roadster is set to debut August 20.

  • Partnership melds bespoke restoration with cutting-edge electric conversion expertise.

As automotive enthusiasts from around the world set their sights on Monterey Car Week, a significant collaboration emerges on the horizon. Sacrilege Motors, a specialist automotive studio, is teaming up with UK’s leading powertrain provider, Fellten, to introduce a unique Porsche 911 EV conversion. The partnership brings together bespoke restoration skills with state-of-the-art electric conversion expertise.

Fellten, headquartered in Bristol, UK, stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of classic-to-electric car conversions, boasting recognition as a Tier 1 supplier by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Their portfolio is vast, including the Porsche 911 and a range of notable motion-picture vehicles.

This groundbreaking partnership culminates in Sacrilege Motors’ recent project, the Porsche 911 America Roadster. As one of only 250 ever made, this meticulously restored and performance-tuned marvel, named “BLACKBIRD”, is poised to make waves when it debuts on August 20, 2023, at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Bobby Singh, Sacrilege Motors’ technical lead, highlighted Fellten’s integral role in realizing their high-performance vision for the Porsche 911 projects. Fellten’s systematic and precision-driven approach allows Sacrilege Motors to concentrate on both the driving dynamics and the enduring spirit of these classic Porsche 911s.

Phil Wagenheim, CEO of Sacrilege Motors, and Chris Hazell, Fellten’s CEO, further underscored their commitment to preserving the iconic Porsche 911’s legacy. With a fusion of Fellten’s cutting-edge powertrain technology and Sacrilege Motors’ restoration finesse, the classic charm of Porsche is set to shine brighter than ever amidst the glitz of Monterey Car Week.

Porsche 911 “BLACKBIRD” | Photo: Sacrilege Motors


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