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News Porsche 911 GT2 RS 3D Printed Pistons Add 30 Horsepower And Efficiency

Porsche 911 GT2 RS 3D Printed Pistons Add 30 Horsepower And Efficiency

3D printing pistons for the Porsche 911 GT2 RS increases output by 30 horsepower

  • Pistons are 10% lighter and include an integrated cooling duct.

  • The printing process is made possible with Mahle and Trumpf.

  • Porsche already uses 3D printing for a number of new and vintage replacement parts.

The potential of 3D printing is almost limitless. No matter the application, with the right materials and equipment, the impossible is practically possible. Porsche has developed, along with partners Mahle (pistons) and Trumpf (machine tools), 3D printed pitons for the GT2 RS that are superior to the regular forged units.

Porsche 3D printed pistons | Photo: Porsche

Built-up layer by layer, using high-purity aluminium powder and the laser metal fusion process, the resulting pistons are not only 10% lighter than the original forged one, but feature an integrated cooling function that reduces temperatures in the piston ring zone by more than 20 degrees centigrade. Furthermore, the piston has a higher stiffness which, altogether, enables them to deliver more performance and efficiency.

The 3D printed pistons endured the same standard tests as the conventional forged ones. Once this was completed, the pistons were them bench-tested over a 200-hour endurance run and they not survived the test but increased the engine’s output by 30 horsepower over the 911 GT2 RS’ 700.

Porsche 3D printed pistons | Photo: Porsche

Porsche already uses 3D printing for a number of components such as bodyform full bucket seat has been available since May for the model series 911 and 718. As well, Porsche Classic reproduces plastic, steel, and alloy spare parts that were previously not available for the Porsche 959, for example.

Porsche 3D printed pistons | Photo: Porsche

Porsche 3D printed pistons | Photo: Porsche



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