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NewsPorsche 911 Hybrid Could Arrive as Soon as 2025

Porsche 911 Hybrid Could Arrive as Soon as 2025

Hybrid 911 coming, but it'll be the last electric Porsche

  • Porsche exec hints that hybrid 911 could come in two years

  • Likely to arrive after 992.2 refresh in high-performance models

It’s not a surprise that there is a hybrid version of the Porsche 911 coming. It is inevitable, as even the best engineers in Stuttgart can’t overcome tightening emissions laws forever.

Now we know when that hybrid will arrive, and it might only take a couple of years.

“Now we are working on the next generation [992.2], which [arrives] about the middle of the decade” Porsche‘s vice president for the 911 and 718 model lines Frank Moser told Motor Trend. “We have developed the hybrid, a performance hybrid of the 911, and that’s about in the middle of the decade—the next generation of the 992.”

Was Moser willing to be more specific? “Maybe two years,” he said.

So the first hybrid 911 will likely arrive after the refresh of the current-generation car. Motor Trend takes from that the possibility that the first hybrid 911 will be a high-performance model. Something like a Turbo S e-hybrid.

Porsche’s most powerful current hybrid system puts a 174 hp electric motor in front of the transmission in the Cayenne and Panamera hybrid models. If that motor can work with the 911’s flat-six and rear-mounted transaxle, it could mean a 911 with well over 800 hp.

On the other hand, it could be much less powerful. Porsche recognizes that weight is the enemy of the 911, and a powerful motor and battery are heavy. The 911 will be the last Porsche to get electrification, with the company working to keep the car purely combustion-powered for as long as possible.


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