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NewsPorsche 911 Sport Classic Brings Houndstooth, Ducktail to Most Powerful Stick-Shift 911

Porsche 911 Sport Classic Brings Houndstooth, Ducktail to Most Powerful Stick-Shift 911

Porsche leans heavily into its heritage

  • 542 hp and a load of retro styling cues

  • Car offers matching watch for those who really show off

Porsche is going back in its catalogue for this. The Porsche 911 Sport Classic, the second of four the company is planning that rely on decades of heritage to bring back some of your favourite looks and put them in a modern package.

Most noticeable from the outside is the ducktail rear spoiler. A clear nod to the 1972 911 Carrera RS 2.7, a ducktail will always look good on a 911. The car will also wear those center-lock wheels with five wide spokes and a black background that are an homage to the Fuchs wheels that adorned most of the good early 911 models.

“The Heritage Design models represent the most emotionally driven concepts of the Porsche product strategy,” says Alexander Fabig, Vice President Individualization and Classic. “This unique approach sees the Style Porsche design department working with Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur to reinterpret iconic 911 models and equipment from the 1950s through to the 1980s and to revive design features from those decades.”

What else does the Sport Classic get? Sport Grey Metallic paint slathered all over the wider body of Turbo cars. It’s a new colour that is inspired by early Porsche 356 models. You can get black, blue, or Agate grey as well (or Paint to Sample), and the cars come with light Sports Grey twin-stripes that are hand-painted and finished.

Inside is a pepita houndstooth pattern on the doors and seat centers, with two-tone semi-aniline leather offered in a new Cognac hue.

Enough about the “classic” part, now for the sport. 542 hp from the 3.7L flat-six and a six-speed stick makes this the most powerful 911 offered with a stick today. Slightly less power than the 911 Turbo, it makes much more than Carrera S or even GT3 cars.

The chassis used 911 Turbo and GTS components, but since this is rear-drive and not all-wheel drive, it has softer front springs. Carbon brakes and adaptive suspension are both standard.

Orders for the 1,250 cars are open now, with deliveries for Europe expected to start later this year. The rest of the world will follow.


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