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NewsPorsche Believes Repairability and Reuseability are the Key to Sustainable EVs

Porsche Believes Repairability and Reuseability are the Key to Sustainable EVs

Porsche is betting on serviceable battery pack to reduce EV making emissions

  • EV battery packs often have to be thrown away if a defect occurs

  • Porsche has already implemented a serviceable pack in the Taycan

  • Battery modules could be remanufactured to reduce emissions

The biggest source of pollution generated by an electric vehicle over its lifecycle is usually the manufacturing of its battery.

Battery packs used in electric vehicles are composed of multiple modules that are linked together and sit inside of a metal shell. These units are often sealed, which means that they need to be thrown away and an entire new pack needs to be installed if a defect appears in one of the modules.

In order to limit the emissions generated by battery production, Porsche has implemented a serviceable design for the Taycan’s battery pack.

If a problem occurs, technicians can identify which module is defective and they can easily (with the proper tools) gain access to the inside of the pack in order to replace just the components that are out of order.

This solution will obviously reduce the environmental impact of EV repairs, but it will also reduce their cost.

In addition, Porsche is working on a process to recycle used battery modules, which could then be sold as remanufactured items.

Just like current remanufactured parts that are available, such as alternators and starters, these modules would be extensively tested in order to make sure they are just as good as new parts.

Reusing existing modules instead of creating new ones would significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with keeping an EV on the road.

Porsche says that these remanufactured modules would be cheaper than new ones and it assures that mixing new and used modules will not be a problem.

The automaker even claims that 80% of its defective batteries can be repaired and that the modules that can’t be remanufactured can usually still be used as backup power reserves for houses.


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