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NewsPorsche Could be Working on a Three-Row Electric SUV

Porsche Could be Working on a Three-Row Electric SUV

Porsche is apparently working on a vehicle that is unlike any of its previous models.

  • This model would be positioned above the Cayenne in the automaker’s lineup

  • Descriptions of this model say it could be part-sedan, part crossover

  • This model could arrive on the US market in 2026

Porsche is trying to expand its horizons with new electric models, one of which could be a large three-row SUV to be positioned above the Cayenne.

In an interview with Autonews, a few American Porsche dealers hinted at this possible model that could arrive as soon as 2026.

Targeted toward the US market, this SUV codenamed K1 will apparently be very different from Porsche’s past and present models.

According to some of the dealers who saw a preview of it, the K1 could feature a rakish design with a flat rear end. In addition, it seems this model could mix elements from sedans and SUVs, as is becoming more common in the industry.

Despite not having said much about it, Porsche claims this model will benefit from some of the new technologies presented on the Mission R concept from last year.

This means that the large SUV could be powered by oil-cooled motors and a 920-volt battery architecture, which supports the claims made by the brand’s CEO that this model would be «very sporty» despite its size.

Since it is expected to be priced above the existing Cayenne, the K1 will be a pillar of the brand’s strategy to occupy even higher-margin market segments than it currently does.

Porsche unveiled a number of concepts last year, including a sort of minivan. This could be the inspiration for the upcoming model, but the automaker made it clear that it didn’t intend to build a minivan of any kind, which means that the K1 is unlikely to look like the concept.

The coming years will reveal more details about this model and Porsche’s strategy for the future since the three-row SUV could arrive on sale in only a little over three years.

Source: Automotive News


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