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NewsPorsche Could be Working on an Electric Panamera

Porsche Could be Working on an Electric Panamera

Porsche could add an electric version of the Panamera to its lineup in the coming years.

It’s safe to say that Porsche has successfully entered the electric arena. The Porsche Taycan is certainly not the most common electric car on our roads, but for the world’s better off, this four-door coupe respects the philosophy of the 911’s creator in many ways, without the melody of the flat 6-cylinder engine of course!

The German division has even enhanced the Taycan lineup with a Sport Turismo (wagon) and Cross Turismo (elevated wagon) version, while the Macan EV and the 718 duo is also in development. While it’s true that the compact SUV will appeal to a wider audience, the same can’t be said for the future electric 718s, and it’s the same story for the Taycan.

However, Porsche will soon be tackling another automotive segment, namely large sedans, with an electric Panamera. Remember that Porsche’s goal is to reach 50% of vehicles sold with an electrified powertrain by 2025, while 2030 is the deadline to reach 80% of pure electric sales. In other words, Porsche needs to step on the gas.

According to British publication Autocar, the automaker plans to launch a new electric Panamera on Volkswagen Group’s Scalable Systems Platform (SSP), an architecture expected around the middle of this decade.

Although the platform comes from the parent company, Porsche intends to rework it to give these future electric models a brand-specific driving experience. However, we’ll have to be patient, as this new base reworked by the Stuttgart engineers is not expected until 2027.

Porsche is reportedly already working on a Taycan 2.0 as well, but to get back to this Panamera EV, it’s safe to assume that it will mainly come to support the Taycan against more comfortable rivals, such as the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 or even the aging Tesla Model S. One thing is for sure, this future electric Panamera will be longer and more welcoming than the Taycan, which has more in common with the brand’s sports cars, despite its second row of seats.

And as is the case with all of the brand’s models, this future large electric sedan is likely to be offered in several trim levels, as Porsche is a master at multiplying versions.


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