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NewsPorsche Could Unleash High-Speed EV Charging with Lounge-Like Stations in Europe

Porsche Could Unleash High-Speed EV Charging with Lounge-Like Stations in Europe

Porsche showcases lounge-like road-trip fast-charging stations in Europe, hinting at the possibility of future EVs with 300-400 kW charging capacity.


  • Porsche’s lounge-style fast-charging stations in Europe may signal the possibility of future EVs with 300-400 kW charging capabilities.

  • Current Alpitronic hardware at the stations provides up to 300 kW charging, with plans to reach 400 kW.

  • The upcoming 2024 Porsche Macan Electric and future models may capitalize on the faster-charging infrastructure.


Porsche recently provided a sneak peek of its lounge-like road-trip fast-charging stations intended for installation along popular routes in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. While showcasing the design-savvy charging stations, the automaker dropped a hint about its future electric vehicles potentially supporting charging capacities exceeding 300 kW, possibly reaching up to 400 kW.

Porsche Charging Lounge | Photo : Porsche

The Porsche Charging Lounges are designed to cater to the specific needs of Porsche drivers embarking on long journeys. Currently, the Alpitronic hardware at these stations allows for a maximum charge power of 300 kW. However, Porsche has indicated plans to upgrade the charging points to handle 400 kW, tentatively by the start of the next year.

Porsche Charging Lounge | Photo : Porsche

Porsche’s current EV offering, the Taycan, already supports 800-volt DC fast-charging up to 270 kW, effectively reducing charging times. The upcoming 2024 Porsche Macan Electric, built on the PPE platform developed in collaboration with Audi, will also adopt the 800-volt charging technology, potentially edging closer to 300 kW charging capacity. However, Porsche’s subtle suggestion hints that another future vehicle may leverage the 400-kW connectors, enabling even faster-charging capabilities.

Porsche Macan EV Prototypes | Photo: Porsche

The identity of the specific model taking advantage of the 400-kW connector remains uncertain. Nevertheless, Porsche has made its commitment to an electric future clear, aiming for over 80% of its global vehicle deliveries to be fully electric by 2030, with the 911 being the last gasoline model.

Porsche Charging Lounge | Photo : Porsche

Porsche intends to deploy the charging lounges strategically, locating them near busy routes with significant traffic flow to provide a efficient environment for EV drivers. The lounges will be operational 24/7, barrier-free, and part of the Ionity network. The charging experience at these locations will also feature centralized billing and amenities like woodgrain finishes, bright interiors, workout areas, and rooftop solar cells, promising a pleasant environment for drivers during charging sessions.

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While the current charging lounges are planned for Europe, Porsche’s focus on advancing EV charging infrastructure aligns with the broader industry trend. In the United States, Electrify America, a fellow VW Group entity, already offers 350-kW connectors at many of its fast-charging locations. Additionally, the recently announced national fast-charging network, supported by seven automakers, is set to feature 350-kW connectors as a baseline, poised to accommodate the demand for even-faster-charging EVs in the future.

Electrify America prototype station | Photo: Electrify America

As Porsche continues to expand its charging infrastructure and explore EV capabilities, the brand takes steps towards achieving gas-station-like refueling times with meticulous planning. By investing in cutting-edge charging technology, Porsche positions itself to support future EV models with faster charging speeds, playing a vital role in promoting the wider adoption of electric mobility.


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